Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

CHAOZHONG VALVE provide Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with Metal Sealing, Bi-Directional Tight Shut-Off.
Fire Safe approved and High Pressure design upto 1500LB(PN250).


Size Range: 2" – 100" ( DN50 - DN2500 )
Pressure Class: ASME 150 – 1500  ( PN6 - PN250 )
Design Standards: API 609, Cat.B  ( EN 593 )
Test Standards: API 598, EN 12266


1. Triple Eccentric Design
Eliminates wear associated with sealing surface contact andmaintains sealing integrity and high cycle life
2. Wide Angle Seat Design
Eliminates wedging and binding of the seat / disc engagement
3. Torque Seated Resilient Multi-Layer Seal Ring
Provides reliable zero leakage and bi-directional
4. Bubble – Tight Closure 
Provides process efficiency withreduced cost of maintenance 
5. Bi-Directional Construction 
Provide 100% Bi-Directional Tight Shutt-Off.
6. Robust Single–Piece Shaft
Minimizes shaft deflection and permits bi-directional bubble-tight
7. Optional Stellite Seat
Offer optimum resistance to erosion in abrasive and high velocity applications
8. No Plastics or Elastomers  
Prevent fire-safe system security at extreme temperatures 
9. Blowout – Proof Shaft   
Complies with API609 to improvesafety for operating personnel
10. Optional Long Pattern ASME B16.10 Length  
Interchangeable with Gate Valve and Ball Valve lay lengths
11. Quarter Turn Design 
Reduces emissions and improves containment integrity from packing.
12. 90°Low Torque Actuation
Enables simplified, cost-effective automation
13. Fire Safe Function12. 90°Low Torque Actuation
API 6FA/API 607 Fire Safe